Tips For Fall Lawn and Landscaping Maintenance

The weather is turning cooler and the trees are changing colors….which obviously means it is fall! Contrary to most beliefs that once fall hits, yard work is done; this is actually the best time to ensure healthy growth for spring. The following are pointers on providing your lawn and landscaping with the best care so they thrive next spring.

  1. Raking Leaves- Although no one enjoys this task, it is very important. With the amount of leaves that collect on lawns, this creates a perfect disaster for lawns. If leaves are not removed from lawns, they block valuable sun light which will suffocate the grass. The other issue is the fact that they trap moisture which creates the perfect breeding ground for fungal diseases.
  2. Fertilize- Fall is the best time to do so. After enduring the hot summer months your lawn and plants are needing the nutrients the most. This ensures that the root systems are getting extra nutrients to feed them and keep them healthy for the harsh weather to come.
  3. Mulch- Applying mulch around the base of trees and shrubs to offer a protective layer to keep roots from frost while helping to retain as much moisture as possible.
  4. Pruning- Take the time to prune dead or dying branches off of trees and certain shrubs. Now is one of the best times to remove any dead or dying foliage which will reduce risks of possible disease being spread next season. Don’t get too carried away with pruning however, as plants are needing to remain dormant during the cold upcoming months. This out with the old and in with new approach also helps keep your property looking fresh all season long!

Following these steps will ensure that your landscaping is going into the changing seasons as well-prepared as they can be. If you are in need of any assistance with winterizing your trees and shrubs, or have questions about services, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Kalvin is our landscaping expert, and is always willing to help!

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